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Beware of unsecured loan scam

Beware of unsecured loan scam

recently, in a mortgage-free hot air inside big cities, many SME lending began to refer to the unsecured loan company, personal unsecured loans attracted by this hot title, but as everyone knows there was a lot of scam, waiting for you to jump into.

recently, the public Ms Wu was angry: she opened a small supermarket, 300,000 owed by dealer, asked her for money, if not to stop delivery.   For a moment she could not afford to, can do?

at this time, mobile phone short message in her, saying you can apply for low-interest unsecured fast loan, same day loans, left a contact name and phone number. She immediately by phone. End of the telephone, the caller said he was a salesman of the credit guarantee investment management limited Guangzhou, surnamed Yang.  Mr Yang said his company does not need collateral to apply for microcredit.

when one door shuts. She immediately said his loan of 300,000 yuan, credits a year.  Mr Yang said yes, of course, but first had to pay fees and interest, fee 1%, 300,000 yuan 3000 is enough, over the same period, according to the Bank for interest mortgage rate is probably more than more than 20,000, the specific amount I will send to you on the phone and confirm receipt of which we'll lend it to you right away.

Wu hurried round up numbers, says Mr Yang, Mr Yang's money account. Just meeting a good, Yang called to say, sorry, just forgot to remind, there is a margin to make, is to give special Guaranty Company. Have to pay a security deposit of 500 yuan per 10,000 yuan, so you still have to remit 15,000 yuan.

Mr Yang listened to quite reasonable, certainly needs security for a loan, Ms Yu Shiwu borrowed 15,000 yuan, hurried to the bank transfer. After meeting good, Ms Wu to call Mr Yang, Mr Yang said before the afternoon of 300,000 yuan to Wu's account. Ms Wu in the Bank, every 10 minutes, 20 minutes to the ATM machine, brush again, but until the Bank closed, the money on the card did not increase, called Mr Yang never got through. He encountered a deceiver? think of this, she ran to a nearby police station to report a case.


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