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Success of the unsecured unsecured loans

Success of the unsecured unsecured loans

it is understood that the personal credit loans from Bank's loan period is 1 year to 4 years, the loan amount from 10,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan, loan applications include cars, weddings, decorating, major purchases, education, tourism, and many other aspects. But such loans loan interest rate is higher than normal interest rates on commercial loans, Citi Bank, Bohai Bank, Standard Chartered Bank personal credit loans and monthly account management fee imposed on the lender, the fee is generally charged in the loan principal 0.49%.  

therefore, the personal credit loans for short-term cash flow.  

However, current bank personal credit loan applicants credit is very high, such as not leaving negative credit information in the bank credit system, that there are no arrears, malicious overdraft conditions, repayment and must have good credit records, also get credit institutions a more personal credit rating.

in addition, if the borrower's income does not determine the crowd banks on the possibility of approving credit will be very low. If you are applying for individual credit loans was not successful, the borrower may also attempt to personally guarantee the loan, either to find a personal assets is consistent with the banking requirements, and are willing to provide the borrower's guarantor. If there is no such person, borrowers can also come to its security by the security company, however, the need to pay high fees to the guarantee company.