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Unsecured loans how to identify true or false

Unsecured loans how to identify true or false

no guarantee, no collateral, fast draw features are characteristics of most lending institutions attract borrowers, but some unscrupulous companies are "unsecured" banner, to pay interest or fees, and other means to get money.  "No mortgage" fraud has occurred in the provinces, according to this new type of fraud, should be on the alert.  

microfinance lending, should as far as possible to choose a bank loan, if it does not meet the loan conditions and the choice of borrowing, to formal credit companies, guarantee companies or microfinance companies to negotiate for a loan, not blindly believe cell phones or the Internet information, in case of fraud, causing economic loss to himself.

in addition, when you are microcredit should be aware of the following issues: first, when you select a microfinance company, you need to verify the company's business license, verify that it is a legally established company. Secondly, at the time signed an agreement with a microfinance company, be sure to review the agreement signed between the two sides has no violation of the provisions of the law.

information about the money-hungry people must be fully verified before deciding whether in handling loan business.