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Several private-equity firms wary of having to maintain a lower position

"hesitate not to start before, now hear want to adjust, and do not dare to lay their hands on. "After watching the national day catch of the stock market, in the adjustment of previous" deeply wounded "generation investors little new somewhat discouraged.

aunt ginger early in the day before the old shareholders added to eight or nine positions and is now preparing a whiff of withdrawal at any time. Consolidation for a long time its shares quickly warmed up after the national day holiday, October 8, gap opened after only 6 days time, index of 3,052 points from before quickly bounced back to more than 3,300 points. Yesterday, the shares rebounded and then hit a recent high, the three major futures in particular CSI 500 index futures also showed strong, all rose.

up close, IC main 1510 contracts at 6954.8, up 4.37%;IF1510 contract 3493.8 points, up 2,297 points 3.11%;IH1510 contracts, up 2.18%. This means that the new situation is already turned on, and also staged rally coming to an end? According to futures daily news survey, Prev 3,500 is market pressure, several private-equity firms has increased in the early positions, but the Outlook is still cautious. Market confidence has returned on the a-share market every punch, two thawing scale will increase, and this is no exception. Statistics show that, as of October 14, Shenzhen margin total balance amounted to 954.858 billion yuan.

among them, the financing in Shanghai totaled 595.466 billion yuan, representing an increase of 3.107 billion yuan the previous trading day; SSE financing totaled 359.392 billion yuan, representing an increase of 2.293 billion yuan the previous trading day. On September 30 compared to 906.709 billion margin balances between the two cities, two scale of melting has increased 48.149 billion yuan. This corresponds to net outflow of securities trading settlement funds also changed around quickly to net inflows. Reporters had found investors transfer funds, changes in banking and securities market change synchronization, in June this year, after net inflows reached 1.4294 trillion yuan new high 7-9 months were net outflows.

in September, investors Bank and securities transfers out of State every week, and total outflow of 574.4 billion yuan. One analyst says only two trading days last week, but investors banking and securities transfer amount substantial inflow in the first trading day after the holiday, indicates that investors on the future promising. Later with the a-share markets pick up, investors Bank and securities transfers net inflows will continue. "The a-share market is over the worst, improved operability.

first of all, during the national day holidays outside rose to a positive impact on the domestic market, with the September match funding leveraged a lot of clearing, space also closed the market down. Recent Central Bank launched credit asset-backed lending pilot policy, also in the medium and long term market risk appetite, investment demand. "Yong Ken assets a Fund Manager said.