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China's average annual salary of $ 50,000 wedding spent an average of 76,000 yuan

according to the United Kingdom media reported on October 14, in China, the rising middle class and the wealthy are increasingly combining Chinese and Western-style wedding. Chinese red envelopes, Western-style white wedding dresses for bride walked the red carpet and channels are important elements of the wedding.

according to statistics, China's average wedding cost the couple about 76114. In September of this year in Tianjin Cheng Zuxing Zhang ping and his fiance, witnessed by more than more than 60 friends and relatives, held a wedding ceremony. As with many Western-style wedding, Cheng Zuxing wear white wedding dresses, long skirts have been dragging behind a ring on the wedding flower girl and bridesmaid. They also find a wedding planner for their wedding planning.

the couple's wedding combines many traditional Chinese elements, such as red when new people when they reach the wedding venue, setting off fireworks, and so on. They still have another very popular tradition--that is the bride and groom are not allowed to see, unless the groom "bribing" the bride and bridesmaids, and answer questions like where did the bride and groom met each other for the first time, where a date for the first time. This year Cheng Zuxing, 28, said: "once in a lifetime, and everyone wants to have a good memory. Marriage is a big deal, so spend much money was worth it. "

when the guests enjoyed dinner, Cheng Zuxing put on her third of the day dresses-elegant red yarn dress dress shawl. New ring on her fondly and said: "I am very glad today, this ring is beautiful. "Cheng Zuxing and Zhang ping's wedding ceremony, we can spy on: for the wedding industry in China, a new era had arrived. China's rising middle class and the rich are increasingly combining Chinese and Western-style wedding.

leading edge is the traditional Chinese elements and combine Western trends. A wedding company Beijing General Manager Raul (Raul) says: "every bride wants to wear a white wedding dress, walked the red carpet in his father's company. Western-style wedding is undoubtedly caught their eye. "