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Kinsey AG survey: safe salesman to sell about 100 million

on October 15, nearly one month in Beijing financial Street organization on several occasions of the activist group incidents Kinsey silver investors, with ping an life insurance company Beijing Branch, Xicheng District, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau police were an open multi-party talks. "Kinsey silver project defaults and losses caused by the who to pay? "" For investors, how to correctly and effectively safeguarding and recovery? "Problems and solutions, such as the multilateral talks on core issues.

it is understood that the talks this time investors, ping an life insurance company Beijing Branch, Xicheng District Public Security Bureau police, lawyers and other participants. Ping an life insurance Beijing Branch Manager leader arrived at the scene and engaged the 4 professional lawyers to provide legal aid.

talks, ping an life insurance with the Xicheng District Public Security Bureau police statement the whole case to the parties gathering evidence and related materials. Ping an life insurance company Beijing Branch Manager said the company will cooperate with the public security organs to investigate, in keeping with the principle of begs the question, does not shirk its responsibility, with a sincere attitude and the best of intentions, and materials related to complaints seriously and to collect investors, actively cooperate with the police investigation and evidence collection, and hire law firms for legal advisory services to investors.

the executives stressed that the ping an life insurance has a strict management system, prohibited agents selling non-security products. Company will fully cooperate with public security departments investigated and do its utmost to assist investors through legal means to safeguard their own interests, the early recovery of the loss. Also, this person will also say peace will eventually police nature, judicial determination of liability will not shirk.

in addition, ping an life insurance executives in Beijing also asked the agent used in the sales process and marketing details for a possible sale of misleading. It is reported that the Chaoyang economic investigation group on "Kinsey fund management in Shenzhen, Ltd" to "crime of illegal absorbing public deposits" case. In April of this year, Shenzhen Kinsey 27 funds of the Fund management company's products cannot be honored.

as the situation worsened, Kinsey silver succession of large numbers of staff turnover, company legal representative Wang Weiqi also lost, leaving has not yet paid 3 billion penalty. Among them, from the perspective of current investigations, by the Beijing Branch of ping an life insurance agents sell products valued at about 100 million, which is part of investors organized in Beijing, ping an life insurance manufacturing fuse of mass incidents in the workplace. A contract for investors in the show, with ping an Bank and ping an property insurance information.

ping an Bank as custodian bank, to provide customers with account opening, funds clearing and custody agreement in accordance with the allocation of regulatory capital to the agreed services such as investment projects, ping an property insurance with official seal given in the products.