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Hurun's Secrets: why did Wang Jianlin richer than a horse?

authorities wide nets Beijing, October 16 (Xinhua Cui Yandong) according to the voice of the economies of the world financial reports, the hurun Research Institute of the 2015 hurun rich list released yesterday. Release is the hurun Research Institute for the 17th time this year the "hurun rich list", the list threshold is 2 billion yuan for three consecutive years.  However, compared with the last year's list, the list has a lot of changes this year.

Liu Wang back to the richest man in throne (PO) fell out of the top ten

richest man in the first competition for the throne. Wealth rose this year, top ten is relatively stable. 61, Wang and his family to 220 billion yuan more than Ma, the second richest man in China, increased their wealth 52%. 51, relegated to second with 145 billion yuan of Ma and his family. Top 10 list of 44% threshold increased from last year, to 65 billion yuan.  Han Li Hejun Dong Liu and Beijing fell out of the top ten.

Mr Wang more than MA to return to China's richest man on the throne, Rupert hoogewerf, hurun's Chairman and principal investigator, Mr Wang's diversified development strategy has made more gains in 2015. "Five years ago, Wang was a pure developer, but now the 50% his personal fortune from real estate and other 50% from his theaters, culture in these areas.

he is a very typical developers into developer 2.0. Jack Ma, last year's richest man this year, his company's stock price low to almost to the IPO price, Ali equity values down. But at the same time we see that the ants gold financial service platform did well this year, so Ma's overall wealth and did not change much compared to last year. "China's $ 1 billion richest city, the first United States

list also shows: this year, the Regal County $ 1 billion an increase of 242 people, 596, China for the first time beyond the United States.  Rupert hoogewerf, 2015 is a milestone, because in this year proved China's soft power, previously all United States how to make money, starting today, to see China in the world. New billionaire manufacturing industry and IT sector had the largest number

according to the hurun rich list, statistics, manufacturing and real estate is still nearly half of the billionaire's main source of wealth, but real estate listing ratio dropped to a record low, to 16.1%. Rupert hoogewerf, believes that while hurun's richest man still is a property developer, however, the future integration of resources is the key to transformation of property developers.

"I remember when I first released 1999, 50% are our entrepreneurs make money on real estate, but this ratio is one year less than a year. My sense is that developers can be divided into several classes of people, first big developers that they have capital, you can integrate a lot of resources, so he was able to rise quickly; there are a number of people do not see large developers, only transformed. "

in the hurun rich list, IT industry is still the fastest rising this year, growth of 43% per cent in the number list, mainly because private enterprises in China in recent years, large areas of IT technology into the Internet. Other good industry and manufacturing, entertainment, investments, cars and pharmaceuticals. Resources, traditional retail and steel have a relatively poor performance.