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7th annual yields of more than two products 4%

according to the track's 27 treasure funds the previous session's settlement data and analysis are as follows:

first of all, judging from the 7th annual return rate, 7th annual yields of more than 4% products has two.

7th annual yields the top three products have Jing dong accounts, Bank of Nanjing Xin Yuan Bao, ECR, 7th year of expected rate of return, and 4.74%, and 3.72%, respectively. Earnings per million, on October 14, each earned more than two products.

in addition, earned more than a product with 4, down 3 from the previous session. Last month are doing relatively good treasure funds are financing, and for nearly a month at 0.29%. Meanwhile, the past six months, cornucopia better product is the Merchants Bank.