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Unscrupulous away from credit card charges are six tips

when we enjoy when using the credit card consumption in advance of pleasure, a little inattentive may fall into the charging trap. "She manages the network" money honey class to comb the next, and credit-related costs had more than 10. But friends do not panic, "she manages the network" money honey class to introduce several possible charges are often met form and how to deal with the coup.

1. the annual fee – brush 6 almost all Bank-issued credit card is filled with annual fees, specific costs in the range from 10 to thousands of Yuan. More advanced cards, the higher annual fees, like many white gold card annual fee of between 800-5800 Yuan. Countermeasure: banking in order to encourage consumers to use credit cards, according to the level of implementing credit card no annual fee credit card policy.

General credit card 3-6 times a year with the lowest levels, to annually for free. But note that some high level of credit card no annual fee policies are relatively harsh, such as Platinum to brush at least 20 times, more than 80,000 yuan to waive annual fees; or Platinum even if consumption is not an annual fee, this fee is no place to hide, so apply for Platinum must be cautious.

2. set an automatic repayment of credit card interest--the greatest benefit is 30 days-56 days interest-free period, but can not because you forgot to pay time payments or forgetting payments without a full repayment, eventually leading to a loss of interest. Interest of five out of 10,000 a day, equivalent to annual interest rate 18%, not only to pay the money, it will hurt your credit, they apply for a loan will bring a lot of trouble.

strategy: the best way is to bind an automatic payment account, such as your salary account or Alipay account, and so on. In addition, special attention is not enough money in your account, because some banks charge interest implementation of the principle of full interest. For example, you should repay 10,000 yuan, but only 9990 debit a deposit account, less the 10 Yuan, banks will be calculated on the basis of your past-due interest to 10,000 yuan.

3. late fees – to hold a minimum amount of minimum payments to pay the amount of 10%, how much your Bill will indicate at least once. If you are in repayment day of the 10%, advantage is that do not affect personal credit records.

but if your repayment amount is less than the minimum payment, Bank will charge 5% the part on less than the minimum payment in arrears. For example you 10000 Yuan due, minimum payment is 1000 Yuan, if you pay 300 yuan, banks other than the normal interest charges, also for less than the minimum repayment amount of 1000 parts (700) charged late fees, that is, 700*5%=35. Countermeasures: whatever reason cannot be repaid, should at least be enough minimum payment, late fee cannot so easily be banks away.

4. the overlimit fee--to apply for a temporary amount the bank allows customers to total actual spending amount exceeds the credit limit to 10%. But exceeds the credit limit part of the Bank be charged overlimit fee, charge amount exceeds the credit limit part of 5%, 1 charge on the account each month.

strategies: rational consumption is very important, must bear in mind their credit limit. If a line of the month isn't enough, you can call the customer service center, temporary increase credit lines, so there would be no costs. Pay special attention to: credit temporarily improved, part of the actual credit card limit exceeds the credit limit, will be added to the current period statement of minimum payments, temporary increase in credit limit cannot enjoy the benefits of instalments shall be on the payment due date to pay off.

5. cash withdrawal fee – declined to withdraw credit card is different from ordinary savings card, whose main is to encourage consumer cardholder spending, rather than cash. So if you use a credit card withdrawal, most banks will charge cash withdrawal fees. A case study of China Construction Bank, 0.5% per cent of its current cash fees, minimum 2 up to 50 Yuan.

strategy: use the card to withdraw now would not only be a one-time charge, and on the day the cash repayment to interest also will be five out of 10,000 a day with the day. If banks think you bad now, will write off your credit cards, and refused a later card. So, or long snack bar, using a credit card please do not cash!

6. currency exchange fees-please look China UnionPay signs the costs refer to the costs of exchange between two Exchange. If you travel to Europe, took a picture of the Renminbi-dollar Visa dual currency card, recorded in the euro will be required when you consume into dollars in this process, it will have a currency exchange fee. Currency exchange fees usually between 1%-2%. Countermeasure: when consumer credit card abroad, even better if China UnionPay UnionPay system, which eliminates currency exchange fee of 1%-2%.


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