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in late October, jiannong assault again staged a four line credit in war, this is the background of seasonal outflow more than 1.25 trillion in deposits.

on November 5, the authorities told reporters that as of October 31, gongnong zhongjian big four banks reached 220 billion yuan of new Yuan loans in the month, which means that four October last three days were lending aggressively and nearly 100 billion yuan.  After this reporter tracked data showed, as of October 28, the big four only 125 billion yuan in new loans.

and the ECHO is that China Development Bank at the end of October increased the intensity of credit.  Authoritative data shows that State CDB October new Yuan loans of 56 billion yuan, the last three days, new loans accounted for the whole month of one-third.

"banks relying on discounting in the past month burst size, but these two months, the discount has been compressed.  "On November 5, a big state-owned bank credit Department told reporters that four October discounted only increased by 10 billion yuan.  

on November 2, the third quarter monetary policy report of the Central Bank's latest show, the next stage, monetary policy should adhere to the "steady improvement" general tone, proper handling of maintaining steady and rapid economic development, adjusting the economic structure and managing inflation expectations, while maintaining growth in a more important position.

this four-quarter banking credit, leaving the imagination.  On November 2, owned brokerages in October incremental increase to 600 billion of the expected level of credit.

loans to the public obviously observed

late October short of credit recovery, also relevant to deposit part of the return of the month.  As of October 30, the big four banks nearly 1.3 trillion deposit outflow, and in September the figure was substantially returned 1.2 trillion.

"by the end of October the money market, bank financial products and other means of regulation, the big four banks deposits still returned nearly 600 billion yuan.  "The above said, at its peak, four deposits lost more than 1.8 trillion in October.

However, after deposits in late September after the impulse, sharp growth in October deposits a foregone conclusion.  This reporter interviewed a number of shares said that under pressure from loan-assessment October lending is not encouraging; while in line, LDR has higher levels of new loans in October is 15 billion.

this year, Chinese Bank lending shows "short-term" and "notes" feature, according to sources from the Bank of Nanjing, small business loan growth in the third quarter before the line just above the 1%, on the one hand, orders fell, corporate demand for credit are also declining, on the other hand, the Bank cut loan pricing has not been followed, "SME short-term loans now cost up to 12%. "

However, the big four banks October loan are showing new features.